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Group history August 2014 With the transition to a limited liability audit corporation, the name was changed to Meisei limited liability audit corporation. July 2014 Meisei Tax Accounting Office and Masuho Yukie Tax Attorney Office jointly establish a Meisei Tax Attorney Corporation. April 2013 Name change from Takeda tsuyoshi Tax Accountant Office to Meisei Tax Accounting Office. March 2012 Moved to Nihonbashi Hongokucho Chuo-ku. October 2011 ActiveData Japanese version released. January 2011 Established Meisei Labor Management Office. November 2010 Alliance with Infomation Active for production and domestic sales of ActiveData Japanese version. August 2010 Dissolve Meisei Tax Accountant Corporation and transfer operations to Takeda Go Tax Accountant Office (now Meisei Tax Accounting Office). February 2010 Join HLB International. June 2009 Name change from Meisei Consulting to Meisei Research & Consulting. July 2008 Established Meisei Tax Accountant Corporation and transferred the work of Takeda Tuyoshi accounting office. May 2007 Moved to Kyobashi, Chuo-ku due to expansion of business scale. December 2005 Established Meisei Consulting. May 2005 Established Meisei Audit Corporation. April 1997 Takeda Tuyoshi Accounting Office opened.   Meisei Group Number of Qualified Holders (As of July 1, 2019)  Employee CPA  CPA  CPA passer  US CPA  Tax accountant  Tax accountant exam passer […]