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Quality Control

After the recent spate of financial window-dressing crimes overseas, the appropriateness of financial statement audit came under stricter international scrutiny. Also, in Japan, the quality control for the audit is strongly required than before since the window-dressing cases and insider transaction by CPAs were uncovered. The HLB Meisei LLC set up following quality control scheme based on the CPA law and various standards, in order to maintain appropriate audit quality at all times.

Responsibility for quality control

We have basic policies and procedures regarding the quality control for auditing operation. The quality control manager takes responsibility for maintenance and operation of the quality control system, and the final responsibility for the whole system rests with the managing partner.

Maintenance of auditor independence

In order to maintain a trusted audit we make sure that there are no financial interests between our staff and clients, at least once a year.

Confidentiality obligation and information security

We do not divulge the confidential information gained in the course of operations to others without reasonable excuse. We do also not use the information for the sake of ourselves or third parties.
We maintain the information security system in order to forestall an information leakage. All staff share and follow firm’s security policies/procedures so that we can pay close attention to the prevention of information leaks.

New engagement and renewal of auditing service

When we accept or continue an audit engagement, it shall be conducted according to our policies and routine procedures as prescribed. After that the engagement shall be decided by either of the managing partner, or partners at the board of partners’ meeting.
At new audit engagement, we take an appropriate process of transition from previous auditor so that we can secure the quality of audit even during the first year.
When we accept or continue an audit engagement, we confirm that adequate audit staffs are assigned to the job in terms of their ability or experience.

Audit practice

We prescribe the policies and procedures regarding audit practice as our audit manual and performing the audit in accordance with this manual.
All audit works will be reviewed by the partner CPA who is different from the engagement partner.

Monitoring of the quality control system

We regularly monitor audit operations including the procedures of each audit, and the process leading to the preparation of audit report. We have a system where the audit of all clients is reviewed at least once every three years.
In addition to the above we conduct irregular validation for the items that we judged as especially important in order to achieve more secure quality control system.

International quality control

We conduct the quality control at an international level by fully introducing the quality control tools of HLB International.
Besides our own periodic inspection, we undergo the quality assurance review by other HLB member firms on a regular basis. It helps us keep our quality control level equal to an international one.

Auditing system

Since our clients cover a broad range of business models, we lay out the following framework in order to perform the auditing service with the expertise.

Provision of high quality service

We adopt “Engagement partner system” in which designated CPAs perform more responsible audit.
Information systems auditor and licensed tax accountant also participate in audit. They support CPAs with specialized knowledge.
We cooperate with outside experts including a lawyer who has a detailed knowledge of financial audit in order to deal with technical issues regarding audit.
We organized an international support team which deals with the audit for overseas company and international accounting standards etc.

Professional development

CPAs and Junior CPAs in our firm have been attending the training course which is prescribed in Continuing Professional Education by the Japanese Institute of Certified Public Accountants.
All staff who engage in audit take more than 100 hours of in-house training for a year.
We introduce the support system for acquisition of qualifications in order to encourage partners and audit staff to maintain and improve their expertise.
As an expert group, we will continue to maintain and enhance our expertise which can respond to  social and client’s needs.