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We perform the services with sincerity and fairness, and clarify the truth.

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Meisei Group
Meisei Group
Meisei Research & Consulting
We provide valuable service as accounting specialists such as a supporting for IPO and an execution of financial due diligence, etc.
Meisei Accounting and Tax Corporation
We help your corporate taxation procedures, including the filing to authorities, outsourcing of bookkeeping, and consultations regarding the tax.
We provide a wide range of labor management services such as Payroll processing, Filing services, Establishment of working regulations etc.

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Effective August 20, 2014, Meisei Audit Corporation became a limited liability audit corporation and changed its name to HLB Meisei LLC.
As a group of accounting professionals, we would like to offer our services more worldwide and will work hard to contribute to the sound development of the economy. We appreciate your further help and encouragement.

We provide a wide range of assurance services including the statutory audit service for listed companies, non-statutory audit service, short review according to various objectives, financial due diligence, and third party assurance for service organizations.
We provide diverse consulting services making use of the knowledge and ability of our professional staff and the experiences of our firm.
As a member of HLB International, we provide cross-border services on financial matters in cooperation with other member firms around the world.
HLB Meisei LLC is a member of HLB International, which comprises member firms in over 100 countries who have approximately 500 offices. Working with colleagues around the world, we support clients through the provision of services domestically and internationally.

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