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Financial due diligence

The purpose of a financial due diligence is to examine the value of the target enterprise or business in detail from respect of the profitability and the risk. At the time of venture investment and M&A, if investigation was not implemented properly there remains a danger of relatively expensive purchase or important defect of the target company. The execution of a financial due diligence is indispensable to prevent the failure of the venture investment or M&A. The effects that expected to be achieved by a financial due diligence are mainly as follows.
・ To make investment amount advantageous at the time of purchase etc.
・ To make the condition of purchase etc. advantageous.
・ To get information for the examination of the scheme of purchase etc.
・ To improve the transparency of the price of purchase etc.
We serve the due diligence in the business flow of M&A by centering the certified public accountant who acquired the financial due diligence experience in major Audit Corporation