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We perform the services with sincerity and fairness, and clarify the truth.

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Group Company
Meisei Group
Meisei Group
Meisei Research & Consulting
We provide valuable service as accounting specialists such as a supporting for IPO and an execution of financial due diligence, etc.
Takeda Tsuyoshi Tax Accounting
We help your corporate taxation procedures, including the filing to authorities, outsourcing of bookkeeping, and consultations regarding the tax.
Meisei Labor Management Office
We provide a wide range of labor management services such as Payroll processing, Filing services, Establishment of working regulations etc.

HLB International
Operator of this site

This website (http://hlbmeisei.jp/) is owned and operated by HLB Meisei LLC.
If you have any queries relating to consultation or any aspect of our service, please contact us at e-mail form.

HLB Meisei LLC
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